Our Story

In the early 60's, Uniontown, PA, was one happening town. Uniontown dominated the high school sports scene... lasting friendships were made. During this period a group of "gold ole boys" began to "hang together". Now, these good ole boys, they like to "Rock n' Roll"... and Rock n' Roll they did! Some of their escapades have become legendary. Now and again a tavern owner wouldn't appreciate their brand of humor... for various reasons they were asked to leave these establishments. On one particular occasion, they had the unfortunate opportunity to be escorted from the local Holiday Inn. It was then that they realized that they needed a place where they could have fun without being asked to leave. And so it was... in October 1978, O'Gillies Pub & Deli was born.

Over the next 12 years, (and they were excited to say the least), you never knew what was going to happen next. Over the course of these years, O'Gillies made a name for itself for serving the finest food and providing a great and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone had fun when they came to O'Gillies! Sadly, in 1990 O'Gillies closed its doors.

In 2007, O'Gillies is back! We will continue with the same traditions as before, providing the finest food, most courteous service and a great place to meet your friends and family.